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Sorry to say you missed it, however it was last night that Simon Kim, principle of IKStudio Design, had come to Calgary to guest lecture in the EVDS Design Matters lecture series. Kim spoke of his firm’s inspiration, interests and achievements. The firm’s voices often looks to sound, dynamic movement and technology to create a new form of architectural space.


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Kim has had the opportunity to collaborate and design alongside many artists, theatres, groups, dancers and performers allowing him to experiment with movement and technology. An example, Kim and collaborators produced a kinetic neck piece for the Philadelphia Opera. The electromagnetic collar transforms and responds to time and sound creating a dramatic effect for both the performers and the audience. Please click here to see the video portraying the devices movement. As well there are several other videos of the firms work if you wish to check them out – onetwothree


Simon Kim is currently visiting the University of Calgary to teach a week long block week course within EVDS running from Feb. 17 to the 20th working with students from M1 and M2. The students have started their week by bringing one of Kim’s prototypes to life, which is shown below. The shelter is made of thin pieces of plywood and white plastic which have been CNC’d and then warped the material to create the dynamic shelter which resides in the gallery. They will continue to develop prototypes of their own and will begin to be showcased in the Kasian Gallery within EVDS tomorrow night (Feb 20. 2015) at 6:00pm.


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The Dale Taylor Visiting Lectureship offered at EVDS would not be possible without Dale Taylor himself and organized and managed by EVDS professor Jason Johnson. Each year the charrette inspires and encourages the students to push the envelope of what is architecture through responsive and dynamic prototypes, developing unique and elaborate works.


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Photo [Left to Right]: Simon Kim (Guest Lecturer of IKStudio), Dale Taylor (Charrette Sponsor), Jason Johnson (EVDS Professor), SV (author)


Check out ikstudio for more information on Simon Kim and his firm IKStudio Designs


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