From Downtown to Tuscany

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It is a remarkably quick commute from downtown Calgary to the Tuscany area via the CTrain. My trip required only 22 minutes. From this time-lapse, however, you can see startlingly little development around CTrain stations and a LOT of road that removes it from a more prominent position. The CTrain is such an asset to Calgary, and needs to be recognized as the backbone of movement that it could be. Take a look at the video in the link for an idea of what this commute looks like, condensed into a little over one minute – the success of the CTrain is pivotal to┬áCalgary’s design discussion and the success of the entire city.




  1. matt says:

    Really nice piece! if you’re ever in another city with light rail, it would be interesting to make a video along a similar distance, or at a similar frame-rate. The two presented alongside each other would make for an interesting comparison.

  2. Athena says:

    Agreed, in other cities such as Amsterdam, you would see flocks of people walking right beside the LRT (or trolley) as they are on almost every central road and are also at grade. Very different to our LRT being quite separated from the road and from pedestrian quarters.

  3. SV says:

    I think that if redevelopment was to occur around the CTrain stations on this route, each station should have its own identity and characteristics, so when you depart the train you immediately know where you are.

  4. Tim says:

    Along the same lines as Athena’s comment, Melbourne, AUS also has its tram lines completely integrated into streets that are shared by rail, cars, bikes, and pedestrians. It is a huge contributor to the city, and in my opinion, a huge hole in Calgary’s development that needs to be addressed. The banality of what we see in this video proves it.

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