Is it time for alternative energy solutions in Calgary? Sunniest city in Canada, solar?

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mc:t  2015.03.02

Given recent economic events that have impacted Alberta’s, and in conjunction Calgary’s, resource heavy industries, much attention has turned to future energy initiatives. Recently, I came across an interesting article that put forward some rather surprising statistics about renewable energy use around the world.


“Bangladesh to become world’s 1st nation 100% powered by solar . Panels on every house…”


Most surprising was that Bangladesh, a country not usually associated with progressive ideas, is now 100% powered by solar energy.  This got me thinking about the potential to integrate renewable resources within Calgary. Given the estimated annual amount of sunlight Calgary receives – approximately 2600 hours a year – we are easily the sunniest city in Canada,  yet our use of solar design solutions is quite limited. With such a large capacity for harnessing solar energy, why are we not making greater use or supporting innovation in this field?


With government economic policy so focused on the oil and gas industries that have historically supported the Albertan economy, we have not given enough attention to the potential for alternatives in renewable energies. Is it time for a second look into the solar sector? With so much available sunlight, would government subsidy programs and alternative energy policies spur research investments and innovation in solar power? Given these climate potentials, perhaps it is time to expand our focus to alternative resources.






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