A Digital Environment: A Day in the Life of a Student


mC:t 2015.03.03

With modern technology we are now able to check our emails, text message, receive images, search the answers to random questions with the aid of a simple hand held device. These devices have resulted in many people mentally removing themselves from the physical world around us and into a virtual one. It was of curiosity to know just how much of my day was plugged into this other environment, to better understand the importance of this other daily environment we all find ourselves in. The results are shown graphically in the image below. The evidence shockingly brings sight to the fact that the vast majority of my day is spent connected to a digital device, whether it is for work, communication, or simply viewing information. This reality begs the questions “are people becoming more disengaged with their physical environment for a digital one?” and “Can a city design itself to become more connected to this digital realm and become more engaged with its citizens beyond a simple website?”

A Students Digital Environment



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