Hope for Calgary’s Shopping Malls: Deerfoot City

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Fact 1: Calgary has a lot of shopping malls.

Fact 2: Most of them are terrible.

Fact 3: They are prime sites for redevelopment.


Large-scale indoor shopping centres were once considered a modern and convenient retail environment. But that was a long time ago. Changes in consumer behaviour and the trend towards online retailing have led to a significant reduction in the need for large physical shopping spaces. As stores look to downsize and change the shopping experience, traditional suburban shopping centres must change their character or face decay and death. Calgary has no shortage of suburban shopping centres in this situation. Deerfoot Mall, specifically, has visibly struggled to maintain a quality environment. Luckily, that’s about to change.

In a large-scale redevelopment effort, Shape Properties has proposed a plan to transform Deerfoot Mall from an outdated, underperforming shopping centre into a modern shopping destination. Capitalizing on the trend of consumers looking for unique retail experiences rather than simple box stores, the new development, marketed as “Deerfoot City”, will provide a mix of indoor and outdoor shops, restaurants and public spaces that are much more vibrant and unique that traditional shopping centres. This redevelopment scheme to upgrade shopping malls such as Deerfoot has proven to be successful in many locations. Canada’s first suburban shopping mall, Park Royal in West Vancouver, recently underwent a similar transformation and has seen great results. New, high-quality American retailers have been attracted to the mall and an outdoor experience that feels like a cultural hub has been achieved. If Deerfoot Mall can have similar success, it may be the first of many malls in Calgary to undergo this type of redevelopment.

Check out the plan and snazzy video here: http://shapeproperties.com/our-places/destination-deerfoot-city




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