Tesla: Designing the Battery Business

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Tesla: Designing the Battery Business
The new Tesla Model S, http://www.teslamotors.com/en_CA/model, has been noted as one of the best vehicles in the history of automobiles. Tesla, a heads up company lead by – Elon Musk is one of the most prosperous and risky venture investors in the past 50 years – one the world’s most skilled person in the business of engineering whom has lead in his past the start-up of Space X and PayPal, a great visionary.

The future of Tesla may be found in their Battery Factor (Project Tiger), funded recently by the U.S. Government. Part of the agreement with the Batter Factory – which Tesla underway in an isolated area of Reno, Nevada. To fund projects, there was an agreement to share some of their latest advancements in Battery technology. Note this sharing of technology for the most part was legislated to better the technology sector (primarily for more efficient vehicles).

The ‘father’ of the lithium battery was recently written about in a QUARTZ online post http://qz.com/338767/the-man-who-brought-us-the-lithium-ion-battery-at-57-has-an-idea-for-a-new-one-at-92/ – shared by CNN Money as a noteworthy article; claims that, that there is great need for radical change in battery technology, this type of change is known in that field as a ‘Quantum Leap’. A major reason behind in this need is because we are using and depleting the resources that create batteries and other chemical we use in our day to day activities. Since we will always be able to reach further into the depth of the earth, we also need resources to do this, both proactively and within the scope of reason. There is a thought that at the rate or function of our consumptions increasing, we could be near the end of sustaining enough minerals like lithium, nickel, and other heavy minerals like mercury, etc.; within half of a typical lifespan of a North American, IE in the next forty years.

There is a solution to this, we need to rebuild the technologies we are using to have longer lifespans, and we need to generate and use better recycling practices of existing materials. We are currently sending most of our raw minerals to landfills and transporting them long distances to end their life – even much of what could be recycled with today’s technology. We a ‘consumer’ based economy, in a way, this means we consume and use the planet we live on, in all steps of refinement – from tertiary to primary resource refinement.

Tesla has a great future to lead the automotive industry, a great consumer based industry, with sharing information on the current ideas in technologies from their new Battery Factories. They could be sharing these ideas with all whom want to improve on environmental sustainability and change, a soon as possible, the formula for refining batteries. Tesla is also a great market leader in cutting edge designs – the new Tesla S has a sonar scanner which allows for the first time in driving experience a safe approach to automating driving, known as: Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’.


Regarding cold weather climates, for instance the driving in and around the Calgary area, Tesla has designed a cold weather battery that apparently hold their charge better that all other batteries for that use. They are now using a multi-phase, dual-electric motor in there Models of Sport Sedan, which potentially is the most intuitive current road grip traction technology for cars designed to this date. The possibilities of these improved technical advancement allows Tesla can to expand their genres now and future genres, to most drivable areas on the planet. If you do not know why they haven’t, the explanation is found in resources, from financial investments, a more sustainable battery swap charging station and their ability to produce their battery technology.

The future of Tesla, maybe even the potential to change the way we treat nature, could be found in ‘Project Tiger’.

“Always remember can dream, but if we act, we will do.” – AJM

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