Calgary’s Urban History: Photos



mC:t    2015.03.23

Calgary has changed a lot over its history, first as a RCMP outpost at Fort Calgary circa 1875, to a CPR Railway hub to the bustling city of over a million people today. Sadly most of the historical buildings no longer remain. There are a few, such as the Fairmont Palliser hotel and the Eau Claire Lumber building which is one of the only remaining structures from 1886. In the next post I will explore some of these and other historic locations in Calgary.

Below are some of the historical photos from Calgary’s past and present including the Palliser Hotel, Stephen Ave, the overall skyline and the Calgary Tower.  The photos have been overlaid with the historical ones to give them some context.
























Fairmont Palliser under construction.


stephen ave 1890's


Stephen Ave circa 1890





















Stephen Ave early 1900’s


Panoramic Photographic Composition created by Douglas Morgan



Calgary 1923


calgary tower




















Calgary Tower construction






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