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Calgary is a growing and maturing urban centre, with a budding cultural and music scene. It is also a city that consists of numerous open spaces, ranging from pocket parks, a regional pathway system and plaza spaces, such as Olympic Plaza, Eau Claire Market, and Central Memorial Park. However, on a daily basis these spaces are often forgotten about, they remain without a pulse of energy due to a lack of interaction with the public and their surrounding environment. These spaces are all to often circumnavigated, used as short cuts, or avoided entirely. However, these are ideal spaces for instilling vibrancy and recreation into the city.




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Pop&Play, a folding amphitheatreis a deployable device designed specifically to inject these locales with needed energy through the use of music and entertainment. These small stages are intended to be used to house musicians, comedians, or any entertainers while providing an attractive and protective backdrop with the intent of creating a focus to a once passed by space. The Pop&Play Folding Amphitheatre in its intentions is to recreate a path into a node, transitioning space into place.



Through experimental model studies, initially of paper, we developed two study models one at a scale of 1:10 and the other at 1:20. Both are made of a transparent plastic film, attached together through the use of double sided tape and silver brads. The model of the complete arch, which can be seen in the GIF, identifies the pop-up ability of the amphitheatre. The other study model was a material study, identifying the connections and shape of the arch if it was to be built at a 1:1 scale. These explorations allowed us to understand the flexibility and materiality of our design.  


Pop-Up Deployed


These stages are not only intended for the means of providing the potential of entertainment but also act as physical platform for both makeCalgary and the city of Calgary to encourage individuality, and to share perspectives. Vibrancy is not a simple concept, but at its root its about difference, interaction, acceptance, and culture. Pop&Play is a mechanism that will aid in providing a new means to enhance and encourage vibrancy within Calgary when and where needed.


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