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3rd Street Station during peak hours

3rd Street Station during peak hours

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We’ve all seen it, we all know it, but have we actually stayed and experienced it? A quick refresher for the locals, and those who are joining us from out of town, Calgary is a city designed around the vehicle. What this means is that a majority of families live in suburban communities away from downtown. Each day those who work in downtown will have to make a daily commute to and from downtown via cars or public transit. This arguably poses more problems, but we will leave that to possible future discussions. As one could imagine, having to commute to and from downtown creates a shift in occupied and utilized space. During business hours, downtown is packed leaving the suburban areas sparse, where after business hours, most of downtown becomes deserted leaving only the popular / dining districts such as 17th ave populated. Additionally this sudden fluctuation on the amount of people creates congestion and stress on the city’s transportation infrastructure.


A similar post, “More on Downtown’s (non) Vibrancy”, has effectively dived into a deeper level in exploring this issue, and even suggesting possible solutions to it, so have a look. You may now be asking why this post if a similar post  exploring this topic already exist? Well, as the intro had suggested, what I found was not many have stayed and experienced this shift as most are part of this particular movement. If they had, chances are they did not pay attention to the surroundings enough to realize a shift had happened. I maybe over generalizing, but the point I want to make still stands. This topic has been around for a long time, the issues are still present even though solutions are being explored and even implemented. However, what I came to realize is that many have accepted this congestion, under and over utilized space, and even the lack of efficiency in our city as the daily norm. Thus I am presenting a platform that quickly and effectively shows this change in dichotomy. One that hopefully will spark further discussion and reboot this issue of our city, provide supporting information to previous posts, and hopefully create a framework for future blog posts to expand on this widely known but very much “accepted” topic.


Please enjoy the video and comment below!



“Ever wonder how downtown Calgary is during peak hours versus off-peak hours? This video’s intention is to create such a comparison. The flow and amount of people is ever dependent on a long list of variables, such as weather, specific time of day, and even the date itself. However, this video captures a small snap shot of what happens in downtown on one of these dates.

Location in order
The Bow
Stephen Ave
3rd Street Station”




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