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Are Starbucks’ hours an indicator of where Calgarians want to spend their time? If that’s the case, the Downtown Core is clearly not one of those places.


First, consider this; Canadian coffee drinkers consume on average 3.2 cups of coffee per day and roughly 37% of those, who drank coffee in the past-day, consumed it out-of-home [1]. Combine this with the fact that Canada leads the world in the amount of Starbucks locations per capita at nearly 40 locations for every 1 million Canadians [2]. Plus, more than 25% of Starbucks consumers say that they always choose a Starbucks as a place to meet friends [3]. Based on this, I would say that there is a pretty good chance that a lot of Canadians (and Calgarians) buy a lot of coffee and spend a lot of time at Starbucks.


By looking at the hours of the Starbucks locations in Calgary (see Calgary Starbucks’ Operating Hours Summary diagram below), we can infer that: Calgarians do not hang out in the Downtown Core for coffee after 6 pm on weekdays and rarely on the weekends.


These findings ultimately beg the question: why aren’t more coffee shops in the Downtown Core open later or on the weekends? Maybe it’s because we just don’t want to spend time there? Or, maybe we don’t spend time there because we can’t get a coffee?


Calgary Starbucks Hours Mapv2



*Starbucks hours for the majority of Starbucks’ Calgary locations were used to calculate averages; data was rounded where appropriate.
*Tuesday was used as the benchmark for ‘Weekday’ hours. ‘Open on weekends’ means open at least one week day.




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