Growing Pains

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It’s a fact.

We all have to go through them. Even Cities…


Be it physical, financial or emotional, growing pains will never cease to be a part of our lives. Not surprisingly cities are no different. They deal with growing pains similar to our own but on a much larger scale. Coaching Calgary through its adolescence is no simple task, nor is it easy for the city to stretch out with each new suburb or bulk up on some density in the urban centers. The topics we have explored over the last two weeks with the “Facelift” series have explored/critiqued the nutrient rich sustenance our city requires to grow big and strong. Like a worried parent, we can only hope that what we feed the city in pop-ups, art interventions, renovations, etc… stimulate it to become the city we know it can be.


The City goes through similar periods that we all do;

-the clumsy child

-the awkward teen with “Unique taste”

-the soul searching college student


All of these eras equate to something at Make Calgary Talk that we love to talk about; scar stories. What is your scar and how did you get it? While we get a good laugh out of this, the city carries its own scars loaded with stories; some inspiring, some sad and some laughable. Below are some scars that Calgary has picked up along the way. As inhabitants of Calgary, we not only dictate how it grows on a daily basis, we help curate the stories of it’s scars and determine how they will be formed. What is your scar story for Calgary? Don’t forget, in the case of the city, not all scars are bad!



The Chinook Arch by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock.


Brutalist Parking Structure

Brutalist parkade along 10th Avenue.



Safran School Addition.

Let us know about your favorite city scar on our facebook page, we would love to see/hear it!


Thank you for taking the time to celebrate/discover some of Calgary’s growing pains throughout our series “Facelift” over the last two weeks. For links to all of the “Facelift” Series see the index below.



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[1] All photos taken by Author


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