Calgary Getting Colder? 4 Reasons We Don’t Think So

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As the summer slows down and the evenings become crisp, we begin to reflect on the past few months and the amazing things that have happened in Calgary this summer. From the opening of St. Patrick’s Island Park to the new downtown cycle tracks, Calgary has had a healthy dose of positive change. But don’t think that just because summer is coming to a close that Calgary is going to lose its momentum! Here are 4 things that will ease the chilly weather.


1. Bowness Park Reopening


After being destroyed in the 2013 floods, the park partially reopened late last year, leaving its entire east end closed off. This fall, expect everything to be fully restored and re-loved! Including a new wading pool, a new teahouse and new road systems, the public will once again be able to spend their Sunday afternoons in this lovely park.


2. Calgary Film Centre



The Calgary and Southern Alberta region accounts for 80% of all TV and film filming in the province. Until recently, the lack of permanent facilities has left the region unable to accommodate any major projects. Set to open early 2016, this new 80, 000 sq. ft. multi-purpose facility will provide the much needed space for film production in Calgary.


3. Fort Calgary


Last fall marked the second phase of the Fort Calgary Master Plan Expansion, including the building an re-imagined version of the 1875 fort. Just prior to the summer music festival Chasing Summer, the existing Fort Calgary replica was demolished to make way for its successor.


4. 4 Car Ctrains


Are you dreading the cold morning commutes to come this winter? Well they are about to get a little bit easier. The extra car will give each train 33% more capacity, that is up to 200 extra people! The longer trains will begin their departure along the Tuscany – Sumerset route. The heaviest transit traffic is seen on the Northwest to Southeast line, where some transit goers begin their commute at 6:30 in the morning with the hopes of getting a seat. Enjoy the extra room on the train while it lasts, it may entice people from their cars!



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