makeCalgary: Pause

MK |

Hello dearest friend of makeCalgary:talk,

First, thank you very much for supporting our little blog (and our big city) with your time and thoughtful insights. It is an exciting time to be talking about Calgary, and we feel very fortunate to offer a voice to that conversation.

In the past year, over 40 students have contributed their efforts to the makeCalgary:talk conversation – behind the scenes, on our blog, and through our social media platforms. In that time, our user-base has increased nearly ten-fold, and we have built a thriving network that includes designers, city-builders, businesses, organizations, and citizens. Our network is diverse, but we are bound together by a common feeling: we all care a great deal about the future of Calgary. Thank you for visiting our site and helping push the conversation forward!

makeCalgary:talk is an experiment – our task is to transplant conversations about design from university classrooms into our city’s streets. And while that experiment is far from over, we need a moment to reset. Our city, our faculty, and even the internet have evolved tremendously since we began this project. We need to take a moment, pause, and then design the next phase of the experiment.

Lucky for us, our work will not be starting from scratch: we look forward to reconnecting with all of you wonderful people as soon as we are back online.

Until then, please don’t tear us out of your phone books… we will be back!

Thank you for your patience as we, quite literally, head back to the drawing board.

All the best,


The mC:t Team