The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede: An Urban Plan Expressive of Calgary Urban Fabric

Kirti Shintre | Graduate Student Researcher (MEDes)

Bev Sandalack | Faculty Supervisor

The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede (CES) is a way of celebrating Alberta’s ranching and farming culture. The CES site lies east of city centre and has unique urban interface towards the north and a natural interface towards the south. CES is globally recognized for its agricultural and entertainment events which occur during ten days Stampede and attracts millions of visitors. There are various issues identified in this MDP about the current redevelopment process of CES. During ten days of Stampede event CES site is transformed into a lively fair and festival ground. Throughout the year the midway and festive streets which come alive during the ten days of Stampede are mere parking lots, as activities like tradeshows and industrial exhibitions are carried out in an enclosed environment of Roundup Centre and Saddle- dome. The river valley environment is ignored and considered solely as a natural boundary of Stampede. This MDP is an academic design exercise that identifies issues and opportunities of the physical site conditions and explores an alternative design strategy for CES. Critical Analysis of Stampede Park Concept Plan (2006) is also an important part of this document. The design process is carried out by extensive context analysis, site analysis, study of relevant policy documents and precedent analysis. The extensive analysis informs the design process and the design is done in layers, expressed as visual maps. These layers are further superimposed to prepare the final master plan. The challenging part of the design process is to understand the site functions throughout the year and also during the ten days of Stampede event and prepare an Urban Plan for Stampede that can function well in both the scenarios.