Suburban Remediation

Andrea Patry | Graduate Student Researcher

Vera Parlac | Senior Research Studio 2013


Suburban Wander
A network territory conceived through the programmatic hybridization of the community centre, promoting momentary intimacy through the socialization of space. A new typology of architectural devices emerge through the fragmentation of existing infrastructure, generating a fluid space where the deployment and thickenings of the organism merges the distance between virtual and reality – healing the landscape with architectural devices.This new infrastructure enables users to at a glance, understand trending information according to distance and time – marking the traces of use through the community. These devices range from items that visualize the levels of activity present in the community to those that actually attempt to remediate the lack of activity and interaction present in these areas. Entering the network induces a desire to wander and to claim the space of the other, enabling the users to take control of the dynamics of the public realm.