Motoyi Cultural Centre

Lauren Dynes & Jose Trinidad | Comprehensive Studio 2013

Brian Sinclair | Faculty Supervisor



The conceptual premise of the Motoyi Language Centre is the ‘relationship of language and landscape’ experienced through the architecture’s three distinct layers: the Urban layer, the Translation layer, & the Naturalized layer. The architecture explores & continuously redefines the boundaries between inside and outside spaces, which is of high importance for Aboriginal history and culture. The Urban layer is essentially a collection of interstitial spaces accommodating high traffic circulation into daily functioning programmatic spaces such as daycare, offices, the boutique store, and the riverside cafe. The Naturalized layer opens toward the north, maximizing vistas of the Bow River and tapping into the pathway system. The Translation layer is the layer in between the urban and the naturalized, conceptually and physically merging inside and outside. The architecture for this layer isolates and intensifies a specific sense, which enables the visitor to experience wind, snow, or light in a completely unique way; a rediscovery of the senses that is very much in the spirit of Aboriginal philosophies.