Tall Building Studio: Fusion [East]

Meghan Coslovich | Graduate Student Researcher

Brian Sinclair | Faculty Supervisor

Tall Building Studio


At present, the eastern expanse of the downtown area of Calgary has been largely left out of the development and densification plans for the city. Under-population, low density development, dilapidated building stock and challenging, empty and degraded parcels of land characterize the area, and have only added to its degradation over time. Of what developable land is present, many of the sites suffer from a host of challenges including poor access, poor land quality and various natural and man-made barriers to development.

As an example of this, the large, open site situated along the Elbow River’s edge and bounded by 11th street S.E and Olympic Way S.E, would seem desirable for development, however due to the presence of the CP Rail tracks, it remains as nothing more than a bisected “pause” along the vast and storied rail line. Deeper investigation of the site reveals that this bisected swath of land is spatially a skewed rectangle in shape, with a grossly disproportionate amount of developable land split in two by the east-west barrier of the rail line. In consideration of the site and the challenges it faces, it is very apparent that, like the spatial character of the site, the CP Rail line splits the identity of Calgary in two and that an intervention is needed in order to fuse together tracts of land, such as this, as well as the forces, characters and physical form of the city, as a whole.
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