Tall Building Studio: The Paskan

Mahdiar Ghaffarian | Graduate Student Researcher

Brian Sinclair | Faculty Supervisor

Tall Building Studio




Dance in the aboriginal culture of Calgary is a way to trigger an event and ‘Paskan’ as a self-generative infrastructural system triggers a new life in the city. The name ‘Paskan’ – ‘dance’ in ‘Blackfoot’ language – was chosen according to the characteristics of the building and history of the site, where Calgary, its native history and culture was formed.

Problem/Urban Issue

Socially, culturally and environmentally, Calgary is not an alive city to the level that its capacities demand. The city is spreading around and losing focus, there is no visible role and impact of culture in town, and the environment is not understood/respected in a comprehensive and useful way at architecture/urban scale. According to weather, city is totally dead during six months of the year. All the aforementioned issues cause a series of urban, traffic, economic, cultural and ecological problems. …Read More