Tall Building Studio: Aeolus Tower

Nathaniel Dekens | Graduate Student Researcher

Brian Sinclair | Faculty Supervisor

Tall Building Studio


Formed by the geological Aeolian forces so ubiquitous to the Southern Alberta landscape, the “super tall” Aeolus Tower seeks to be respondent to environmental, social, and economical issues. The 530 meter, 110 storey mixed use building, combines retail, commercial, cultural, and residential components. The impetus for the project began after locating an underutilized surface parking area in the downtown core. After analyzing and synthesizing the numerous factors that contribute to the site, the topographical uniqueness became a driving conceptual factor. The form of the building was generated by imagining a solid extrusion emerging from the site and subjecting it to airstream and wind currents over a geological time scale. The result, aided by computational fluid dynamic simulations, was then optimized to maximize vortex shedding, eliminate frictional drag, and align with the dominant wind direction in order to transfer and harness its energy via integrated air turbines. …Read More