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    Day of Service: Rundle & Marlborough 2015

    This year focused in on design + equity. The goals of the summer project were to get to know the communities surrounding the 36th Street NE corridor, specifically Rundle and Marlborough; to develop a social network map for use by future engagement efforts; and to collaborate with community and social service groups to organize a day of service.

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  • Shaping our Cities, Shaping Ourselves 2014

    Building on the success of the “makeCalgary: Resilient Symposium,” this upcoming April, 11 2014 the Faculty of Environmental Design and the Institute for Public Health are expanding our partnership with the City of Calgary to bring a day dedicated to exploring the relationship between urban design and the health of our communities — establishing strategies to sustain and improve human and environmental well-being to make Calgary healthier and more productive.

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  • After the Flood: Making Resilient Communities 2013

    On October 18, 2013, the University of Calgary is hosting a one day symposium on Urban Resilience. Co-organized by the Faculty of Environmental Design and the Institute for Public Health, this event brings together a group of international thought leaders in the area of disaster recovery, flood design, and resiliency theory to provide guidance and insight to local and regional professionals and municipalities. Join us for a stimulating day of thought provoking presentations and in-depth workshops geared to a professional audience of planners, architects, public health professionals, government officials, and the development industry.

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  • Culture Space 2012

    This year, with the city designated the 2012 Cultural Capital of Canada, we take up the issue of CULTURE SPACE and ask the question “What is the role of cultural space in Calgary’s future?” EVDS invited the principals of two award winning firms, Patkau Architects (Vancouver) and Snøhetta (New York and Oslo) to work with our students in an intense 4-day design workshop that explores new visions for the city’s cultural district. This culminates on the evening of October 12 with an exhibition of the design work, presentations by our distinguished guest architects, and a public forum on the future of culture space in Calgary.
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  • Day of Service 2012

    Jason Johnson, John Brown – Sept 29th, 2012
    This was a community improvement project that coincided with the US Green Building Council’s annual Day of Service Program. The project involved the design and fabrication of a mass customizable bench system in a downtown pop up park.

  • makeCalgary Catalyst 2011

    This year’s theme Catalyst: Provoking Calgary’s Next Chapter, examines places that have experienced real change and its associated catalysts: what were the conditions in the social, environmental, cultural, and economic realms that provoked the shift to a new chapter? Over 3 days, through a Panel Discussion, Design Charrette, and Public Exhibition, makeCalgary participants will translate these stories to the specific urban opportunities found in Calgary.

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